Nite Defender Pro Is Easy To Install Nearly Anywhere

No wiring or batteries are needed for Nite Defender Pro. With its 120° motion and 12 foot detection range, it will trigger its 5 ultra-bright LED lights to illuminate your path or turn on when someone is near. Simply install it anywhere in your yard where you need extra light, near doors, or on walls over walkways so you can see your way when you’re coming in at night.

At dusk, Nite Defender Pro activates its protection mode where it scans the surrounding area for motion and turns on its 5 ultra-bright LED lights when movement is detected.

No Added Electricity Costs

The best part is that it does not add to your electricity bills at all. Nite Defender Pro uses advanced solar power technology to light up dark walkways and yards at night so you can safely move around at night. It charges during the day to power itself the entire night, which means it works in emergencies even when the power is out.

Award Winning Features
  • Simple to install There’s no need to mess around with electrical wiring or battery replacements. It’s simple for anyone to install Nite Defender Pro in their home.

  • Automatic motion detection Nite Defender Pro’s advanced motion detection features cover a 120° range and can detect motion from 12 feet away. It switches on the light automatically when it detects movement and turns off once no more motion is detected.

  • Ultra-Bright LED lights Nite Defender Pro is powered by 5 bright LED lights that illuminate the area and allow you to see clearly amidst the dark.

  • Solar-powered No electricity needed. Nite Defender Pro solar panels charge and store power during the day so that it has sufficient power to provide full protection from dusk till dawn.

  • Weatherproof With its IP65 water-resistant casing, Nite Defender Pro is highly durable and waterproof, making it usable in all weather conditions.

  • Fully Adjustable Nite Defender Pro makes it easy for you to adjust it up and down so you can light up specific areas.

  • Environmentally friendly Nite Defender Pro is entirely powered by sunlight and does not require any electricity, making it a highly environmentally friendly option.

  • Highly affordable Most outdoor lights require professional installation costs that can be more expensive than the cost of the light itself! Nite Defender Pro is easy to install and does not require professional installation, saving you money.

"This is exactly what we were looking for. We have a dark spot in our backyard and needed a motion-activated light and Nite Defender Pro was the perfect option for us. It was easy to mount. In our area, it gets very grey and dark in the fall but even without much direct light, the Nite Defender Pro charged up easily. They’re super bright and we already ordered more for other parts of the house!"

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Average Rating

"Nite Defender Pro is great! It does an incredible job of turning on when my dogs move within its range. Now they can go out at night and we can keep watch over them from the house. We’ve installed quite a few of them since it doesn’t add to our electricity bill at all."

- Arlene T, Auburn, AL

"I installed this at the back of my house because there’s a dark alley that runs back there. I didn’t expect it to work so well, but it lights up the whole alley and I feel much safer now that I can see what’s going on outside. Acts as a good deterrent too. Amazing product!"

- Henry G. Coppell, TX

"I get home late at night from my job and I always have to use the light on my phone to see my way to the front door. Not great when you’re also carrying other things from the car and I’ve tripped on my way many times. I installed them on the wall along the walkway and now they turn on as I walk to the door. Makes life so much easier and I feel safer too!"

- Liz P. Tucson, AZ

Put Lights Everywhere Without Burning A Hole In Your Wallet

Traditional outdoor lights can be expensive because of the professional installation costs and the sky-high electrical bills. If you’ve always wanted to put lights everywhere in your yard so you can see your way and let your dogs out at night, Nite Defender Pro makes it easy and affordable for you.